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Stigma Hemp Company were looking for more clients and a lead acquisition business that fit their brand identity visit us here , tone and understood their organisations goals.

Before Selling™.com, Stigma gathered leads through industry events, trade shows and conferences. All of which were proving time consuming, inconsistent and difficult to scale.  Together, we identified that the objective was to build a systematic process to connect, engage and convert with their prospective clients


Selling™.com developed a specific database that was developed from the clients ideal customer requirements. This list allowed our team to target certain roles, geography and company size.

What did we do?

By sending customised messages and emails to their prospects, Selling™.com was able to build a tailored strategy that has delivered in-market leads and helped bring clients to Stigma Hemp Company, one of which resulted in a $8,223 contract in 34 days of partnership.

What’s next?

We will continue to target specific industries that have proven successful while testing new markets to build more opportunities and leads for Stigma. We’re excited for the future, where we can continue a strong relationship and assist Stigma Hemp Company to grow their CBD business in the online space you can visit us here