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Anwar, the Founder of Ad Sky, came to Selling™.com to connect, engage and convert more e-commerce prospects. This was coupled with a desire to build relationships and become a trusted agency to deliver on specific e-commerce digital marketing advertising. With no predictable, consistent and targeted system in operation, Selling™.com presented an opportunity to help build these relationships at scale and grow the business. 


Our preliminary services were to identify who their ideal client consisted of in more detail. Once complete, Selling™.com successfully built out a database which focused on a subsection of e-commerce brands, which was in a certain niche, location, number of employees and defined positions in the business.

What did we do?

Following this, Selling™.com engaged with the ideal prospects in a tailored, non-generic way to build the relationship. Through these organic methods, Ad Sky increased their sales pipeline aggressively and booked 16 meetings in a short period of time, one of which resulted in a $7,000 per month ongoing contract. 

What’s next?

Through the growth of the agency, Selling™.com is assisting Ad Sky in other industries to diversify their portfolio and work with other clients in different niches and verticals.