Wilson Media

Online Marketing Agency

Wilson Media is an online marketing agency specializing in Social Media Advertising. Nikola, the General Manager of Wilson Media came to Selling™.com with the goal of building an extensive list of niche specific ideal clients and have meetings booked into their sales teams calendar. Prior to engaging Selling™.com, Wilson Media were generating sales through word of mouth and referrals, both of which proved to be inconsistent and unmeasurable.

How we do it

Selling™.com was able to identify specific health studios and gyms that were structured to Wilson Media’s ideal client profile and then build a database incorporating the key decision makers contact details. This allowed our team to start converting the data into potential clients.


Qualified Leads

Highly tailored and systemized approach

What we did

Selling™.com then created a highly tailored and systemised approach, with precise copywriting and call to actions in the messaging/emails which converted at an extremely successful rate. Over 109 qualified leads were acquired for Wilson Media with all leads coming from LinkedIn and Email.

Next Step

After helping them achieve their set monthly sales goals, we will continue to grow the client base for Wilson Media and optimise our strategies to ensure long-term results for the agency in other niches and locations.

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