Rupen Kotecha

CEO at Western Australia Leaders and CFO Centre WA

Western Australia Leaders inspires growth companies. Success in business requires knowledge, experience and vision. Western Australia Leaders works with businesses to excel in driving personal, professional and business growth.

How we do it

Rupen wanted to find a way to generate more leads and opportunities to increase the membership base for WA Leaders. Knowing that the WA Leaders product was fantastic and wanting to get in front of more businesses, we created a personalised strategy that highlighted why WA Leaders is the best networking community in the state.


Targeted Leads

Tailored, conversational & systematic approach.

What we did

With an approach that is systematic, tailored and conversational, to date, we have generated over 156+ targeted leads creating more opportunities for new members.

Next Step

Seeing the results and leads created, we will continue to do more of what’s working and look at other avenues to expand WA Leaders. We want to grow our partnership, tap into new verticals and always be collaboratively exploring ways how we can help WA Leaders increase membership.

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