Paul Findlay

CEO at The Reach Ecosystem Training

The Reach Ecosystem is the world’s only all-in-one people and culture performance ecosystem. Reach provides professionals with an unparalleled ecosystem of evidence-based resources to turn potential into performance of people and culture.

How we do it

Paul expressed that he came to us for leads and appointments, but to also find innovative ways to engage new audiences and cut through the marketing noise. He felt like he was doing the same thing as everyone else and wanted to try a new approach. For The Reach Ecosystem, we knew that targeting their industry and specialists in People & Culture with customised messaging, would help him and the team to achieve this.

20 - 40

Generated Appointments

On-Going Sale

What we did

Through the campaign, we consistently generated 20-40 appointments per month which resulted in many sales that are still on-going.

Next Step

We will continue to target key roles for The Reach Ecosystem in the training and development space, while testing new markets to build more opportunities and leads. We’re excited for the future, where we can continue a strong relationship and help grow the business.

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